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In Season on August 12th



Ms. Volleyball
Lauren Jardine, Lone Peak, OH, Sr.
Under Armour First Team All-American and Wisconsin signee, she led Lone Peak to 6A state title 496 kills, 43 blocks, 276 digs and 49 aces.

Asiah Sopoaga, Copper Hills, OH, Sr.
An AVCA all-region selection, she led Copper Hills to runner-up finish in 6A with 333 kills, .254 hitting %, 335 digs and 59 aces.

6A First Team
Maggie Mendelson, Fremont, OH, So. — 37 aces, 417 kills, .318 hitting %, 37 blocks, 132 digs.
Heather Hamson, Pleasant Grove, MB, Sr. — 187 kills, .383 hitting %, 83 blocks.
Mia Peterson, Pleasant Grove, OH, Sr. — 369 kills, .225 hitting %, 305 digs.
Teniyah Leuluai, Copper Hills, S, Sr. — 7.2 assists/set, 140 digs.
KJ Burgess, Lone Peak, MB, Jr. — 215 kills, .367 hitting %, 97 blocks.
Grace Evans, Lone Peak, L, Sr. — 467 digs, 545 serve receive receptions, 54 aces.
Aliyah Sopoaga, Copper Hills, RS/S, Sr. — 235 digs, 78 kills, 46 aces, 5.1 assists/set.

6A Second Team
Chloie Brinton, Pleasant Grove, S, Sr.
Katie Corelli, Davis, OH, Sr.
Lindsey Palmer, American Fork, L, Sr.
Baylee Bodily, Corner Canyon, MB/OH, Sr.
Hailee Garcia, Syracuse, S, Jr.
Randi Reeves, Copper Hills, L, Jr.
Brooklyn Leggett, Corner Canyon, OH/OPP, Sr.

6A Third Team
Ayva Cebollero, Fremont, S, Jr.
Megan Chandler, Syracuse, OH, Sr.
Lolohea Fonua, Copper Hills, OPP, Jr.
Avery Fowler, Pleasant Grove, L, Jr.
Priscilla Moleni, Copper Hills, MB, Sr.
Ioana Asiata, Herriman, OH, So.
Karli Nielson, Northridge, OH, Sr.

6A Honorable Mention
Kinley Swan, Lone Peak, MB, Jr.
Natalie Hansen, Riverton, OH, Jr.
Cierra Limb, Davis, L, Sr.
Rose Moore, Skyridge, S/RS, Jr.
Ashley Gneiting, Pleasant Grove, OH, Jr.
Hannah Hawkins, Lone Peak, Setter, Jr.
Teliana Sekona, West, OH, Sr.
Havannah Hoeft, Herriman, S, So.
Avery Hale, American Fork, MB, Sr.
Whitley Surrage, Fremont, OH, Sr.
Silina Damuni, Timpview, S, So.
Anchor to Timpview’s state championship run, finishing the season with 868 assists (9 per set), 69 aces, 60 blocks and 211 digs.

5A First Team
Brielle Rueckert, Timpview, MB, Jr. — .445 hitting %, 225 kills, 81 blocks.
Jordyn Harvey, Bountiful, OH, So. — 351 kills, .254 hitting %, 200 digs, 36 aces.
Mia Lee, Mountain View, MB, So. — 258 kills, .388 hitting %, 86 blocks.
Hayden Goodman, Park City, MB, Sr. — .320 hitting %, 143 kills, 77 blocks.
Kesaia Makasini, Timpview, OPP, Sr. — 317 kills, .292 hitting %, 50 digs.
Ryen Bradshaw, Salem Hills, OH, Sr. — 349 kills, .299 hitting %.
Avery Shewell, Lehi, OH, Jr. — 358 kills, .326 hitting %, 173 digs, 44 aces.

5A Second Team
Brielle Miller, Mountain View, LIB, So.
Sammy Perry, Mountain Ridge, OH, Sr.
Taliah Lee, Timpview, OH, So.
Sage Loveland, Springville, L, Sr.
Julia Cavalcanti, Mountain View, MB, Sr.
Taylor Snow, Salem Hills, MB, Jr.
Annie Michaelis, Woods Cross, OPP, Sr.

5A Third Team
Evalyn Chism, Bountiful, S, So.
Sydney Ormiston, Park City, S, Sr.
Olivia Gloeckner, Skyline, OH, Jr.
Saane Katoa, Woods Cross, MB/OH, Jr.
Savannah Cottam, Brighton, OH, Jr.
Tricia Tua’one, Timpview, MB, Sr.
Eunice Garcia, Timpview, L, So.

5A Honorable Mention
Brinley Hardy, Salem Hills, S, Jr.
Ireland McNees, Mountain Ridge, OH/S, So.
Mattie Prior, Park City, OPP, Jr.
Tessa Treanor, Salem Hills, OH, So.
Naomi Memmott, Maple Mountain, MB, Sr.
Emrie Satuala, Bountiful, MB, Jr.
Brookelynn Sapp, Park City, OH, Sr.
Meline Robarge, Spanish Fork, OP, Jr.
Olivia Ruy, Woods Cross, OH, So.
Halle Hogan, Woods Cross, S, Sr.
Haley McUne, Sky View, OH, Sr.
Led Sky View to state championship, finishing season with 87 aces, 425 digs, 383 kills, a .288 hitting % and passed 2.33 on 467 attempts.

4A First Team
Ellie Chase, Desert Hills, OPP, Sr. — 402 kills, 264 digs, 46 aces, 1.84 serve receive.
Katelyn Langford, Snow Canyon, OH, Sr. — 511 kills, .267 hitting %, 36 blocks, 43 aces.
Kaytlin Smart, Sky View, MB, Sr. — 118 blocks, 264 kills, .286 hitting %.
Jaycee Osborne, Mountain Crest, S, Sr. — 967 assists, 205 digs, 42 blocks, 63 aces, 61 kills.
Ella Douglass, Mountain Crest, MB, Jr. — 292 kills, .374 hitting %, 116 blocks, 66 aces.
Jaidi Willden, Dixie, OH, Sr. — 361 kills, 4.14 kills per set, 201 digs.
Kaitlyn Hiatt, Sky View, S, Sr. — 1,019 assists, 214 digs, 66 blocks.

4A Second Team
Jenna Thorkelson, Snow Canyon, S, Jr.
Kiera Crosbie, Mountain Crest, OH, Jr.
Brinlie Crosbie, Ridgeline, OH, Jr.
Madeline Wallentine, Crimson Cliffs, Lib, Jr.
Emilee Allred, Desert Hills, S, Sr.
Olivia Chadwick, Green Canyon, OH, Sr
Maicee Smuin, Uintah, S, Sr.

4A Third Team
Alivia Longhurst, Green Canyon, L, Sr.
Darcy Jackson, Snow Canyon, MB, Sr.
Auriandra Waters, Dixie, S, Sr.
Rees Bockwoldt, Ogden, OH, So.
Julia Jacobsen, Desert Hills, MB, Jr.
Brinley Smith, Tooele, OH, Sr.
Kenna Gardiner, Uintah, OH, Sr.

4A Honorable Mention
Megan Allred, Cedar City, MB, Sr.
Bethany Brooks, Dixie, L, Sr.
McKayla Allred, Desert Hills, Lib, Jr.
Kaylee Coats, Green Canyon, RS, Jr.
Sydney Donavan, Ridgeline, MB, Sr.
Melanie Hiatt, Sky View, OH, So.
Jenna Gibbons, Sky View, MB, Sr.
Brooke Haguewood, Desert Hills, OH, Jr.
Savannah Perrett, Ridgeline, S/RS, Sr.
Emery Harrison, Cedar City, OH, Fr.
Kenisten Weaver, Union, S, Jr.
Had another great season in leading Union to a repeat 3A title. Finishing with 876 assists, 195 digs and 84 kills.

3A First Team
Emma Christensen, Carbon, OH, Sr. — 449 kills, 466 digs, 43 blocks, 34 aces.
Kinley Gines, South Summit, MB, Sr. — Averaged .350 hitting %.
Kinslee Drake, Union, OH, Jr. — 440 kills, .391 hitting %, 271 digs, 24 blocks.
Makenna Blanc, Carbon, S, Sr. — 823 assists, 73 blocks, 357 digs, 93% serving.
Sipola Vakautakakala, Richfield, OH/MB, Sr. — .237 hitting %, 10.1 kills per match.
Halle Bartley, Grantsville, OH, Sr. — 330 kills, 64 aces, 26 blocks, 441 digs.
Alex Trussell, Morgan, MB, Jr. — 238 kills, 67 aces, 75 block assists, 72 digs.

3A Second Team
Sadie Eiting, South Summit, OH, Sr.
Katie Jones, Carbon, L, Sr.
Allie Earl, Union, L, Jr.
Morgan Loertscher, Morgan, OH, Sr.
Nicole Willardson, Richfield, OH, So.
Paige Shumway, Grand, L, Jr.
Ellie Vaughan, Morgan, OH, Sr.

3A Third Team
Jaci Shumway, Grand, S/OH, Sr.
Jerika Torgerson, San Juan, MB, Sr.
Devree Gines, South Summit, S, Fr.
Trinity Duncan, Union, OH, Sr.
Madi Neuenschwander, Morgan, L, Sr.
Allison Lord, Richfield, S, Sr.
Tailey Worthen, South Summit, L, Jr.

3A Honorable Mention
Grace Thomsen, Union, RS, So.
Lyndee Mower, Carbon, OH, Jr.
Melissa Ferre, North Sanpete, OH, Sr.
Alexa Robinson, South Sevier, OH, Jr.
Jada Bailey, North Sanpete, L, Jr.
Maison White, Grantsville, OH/MB, Sr.
Leah Torgersen, South Sevier, L, Sr.
Madisyn Childs, Emery, OH, Jr.
Halee Pay, North Sanpete, MB, Sr.
Haley Bronson, Juab, OH, Jr.
Marci Richins, North Summit, MB, Jr.
Catalyst to North Summit’s state championship, finishing with 510 kills, a .399 hitting %, 149 blocks, 264 digs, 45 aces.

2A First Team
Sofie Shurtliff, Enterprise, MB, Sr. — 417 kills, 89 block kills, 42 aces, 361 digs.
Ruby Ann Stokes, North Summit, S, Jr. — 979 assists, 266 digs, 33 aces.
Kennedi Knudsen, Gunnison Valley, OH, Jr. — 598 kills, 36 blocks, 334 digs, 28 aces.
Taylor Otterness, North Summit, L, Sr. — 439 digs, 70 aces, 740 receptions.
Noah Moyle, Enterprise, MB, Jr. — 331 kills, 72 block kills, 269 digs, 70 aces.
Eliza Swallow, Millard, MB, Sr. — 220 kills, 108 blocks.
Hadley Richins, North Summit, OH, Sr. — 274 kills, 266 digs, 29 aces, 319 receptions.

2A Second Team
Malia Cannon, Millard, L, Sr.
Grayce Glover, Kanab, S, Jr.
Aubree Lunt, Millard, OH, Jr.
Allie Hunt, Enterprise, L, Sr.
Oakley Butler, Duchesne, OH, Sr.
Haylie Hatch, Kanab, OH, Sr.
Madison Ferry, North Summit, OH, Sr.

2A Third Team
Lomani Taylor, Enterprise, OH, Sr.
Bryn Rasmussen, Millard, OPP, Sr.
Sierra Terry, Enterprise, S, Sr.
Gracie Adams, Millard, S, Sr.
Treshor Phelps, Enterprise, S, Jr.
Madison Orton, Kanab, OH, So.
Josie Fullmer, Millard, MB, Sr.

2A Honorable Mention
Emrey Maxfield, Altamont, S, Sr.
Emrie Robinson, Beaver, MB, Sr.
Madi Robinson, Beaver, S, Sr.
Brooke Spencer, Duchesne, MB, Sr.
AubryAnn Burrell, Gunnison Valley, S, Jr.
Mary DeGraffenried, Millard, OH, Jr.
London Fenus, Kanab, L, So.
Katelynn Soto, Draper APA, DS/S, Jr.
Baylee Clayburn, Duchesne, MB, Jr.
Kelsey Grant, Duchesne, S/OPP, So.
Esther Cox, Valley, L, Sr.
Changed positions for benefit of the team, which ended up winning 1A championship. Finished with 825 digs, 572 receptions, 75 aces, 38 assists, 86% serving, 87% digs.

1A First Team
Paige Harris, Valley, OH, Sr. — 304 kills, 436 receptions, 50 aces, 271 digs.
McKina Stacey, Rich, OH, Sr. — 302 kills, 396 digs, 52 aces, 430 receptions.
Susannah Colby, ICS, MB, Sr. — .248 hitting percentage.
Kinley Spaulding, Milford, OH, Sr. — 91 aces, 301 digs, 292 kills, .198 hitting %.
Mckenzie Sudweeks, Piute, MH, Sr. — 13 kills per game, 4 blocks per game.
Jaycee Cornia, Rich, S, Sr. — 39 aces, 552 assists, 189 digs.
Brooklyn Brinkerhoff, Panguitch, L, Jr. — 439 digs, very good passer.

1A Second Team
Paiton Lazenby, Tabiona, OH, Sr.
Ruth Cox, Valley, OH, So.
Whitnee Spencer, Valley, S, Sr.
Kassidy Westwood, Piute, S/OH, Jr.
Abby Stevens, Wayne, OH, Sr.
Brittney Lamborn, Rich, OH, Jr.
Caitlynn Lyman, Escalante, L, Sr.

1A Third Team
Gabby Renaud, ICS, OH/OP, Jr.
Annie Peart, Rich, MB, Jr.
JaLeana Tsosie, Milford, OH, Jr.
Abigail Holman, Panguitch, S, Jr.
Hailee Eyre, Panguitch, OH, Jr.
Brooklyn Jessen, Piute, MH, So.
Hanna Williams, Wayne, S, Sr.

1A Honorable Mention
Amelia Valente, ICS, S, Jr.
Paige James, Milford, S, Jr.
Hailey Jacobs, Valley, S, Sr.
Tera Morgan, Piute, S/OH, So.
Rachel Jensen, ICS, OH/OP, Jr.
Analise Wiseman, Milford, MB, Sr.
Mersadie Rhoades, Tabiona, S, So.
Mikki Prows, Escalante, MB, Jr.
Zoee Torgerson, Escalante, MB, Jr.
Tayla McKee, Rich, RS, Jr.